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We have designed the SamKnows Whitebox so that it is quick and easy to install. Take a look at the instructions and video below. Once your SamKnows Whitebox is plugged in we will send you an email so you can access your broadband analytics.


Remove the SamKnows Whitebox and accessories from the box. The box should include:

  •  1x TP-Link router (model varies)
  • 1x Ethernet cable
  • 1-3x wireless antennae (varies with model)
  • Power supply
  • Instruction & information sheet

Attach the antennae to the back of the SamKnows Whitebox.


Connect the Ethernet cable to the port marked “WAN” on the rear of the SamKnows Whitebox.


Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable to a spare port on your broadband router.


Disconnect any other wired network devices from your broadband router, and connect them to the SamKnows Whitebox instead via the ports marked 1-4.


Connect the power cable to the SamKnows Whitebox, and insert the power plug into a power socket.


Observe the LEDs on the front of the SamKnows Whitebox. The QSS light should flicker for 30-60 seconds, then turn solid green when the device is operating correctly.

Support will be provided in English, French and German, volunteers will be required to communicate in these languages.